Flea and Tick Control for Dogs

Flea and Tick Control for Dogs

There are actually in excess of two hundred types of fleas in USA and therefore it really should not come as a big surprise that dog fleas and ticks are one of the most typical pet problem for canine owners. Just one female flea can easily lay in excess of two thousand eggs and also jump approximately one hundred times its very own height.

Fleas require blood to finish their reproductive cycle and despite the fact that fleas favor the blood from dogs and cats, they also like human blood. Fleas result in moderate to significant skin reactions and a lot of additional unpleasant issues.

Ticks are recognized for spreading serious diseases, such as tick paralysis and Lyme disease and so it’s extremely crucial to prevent tick infestations in dogs.

Besides the fact that dog fleas and ticks are a breeze to contract, they’re furthermore easy to overlook. In the event your dog at any time have encountered a flea and tick infestation then you know exactly how challenging the situation can be and how it may impact the all around health of your dog.

Constantly extensively examine your canine for fleas and ticks. In case he has been infected with fleas or ticks, it should be rather easy to take care of. A very good method to select the proper treatment for ticks and fleas in dogs would be to obtain guidance from your veterinarian. Your dog’s possibility of disease will depend on your pet’s way of life, the area where you reside and your dog’s general well being.



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Flea and Tick Treatment and Prevention

There are several products for dealing with fleas and ticks in dogs. Some of the most common ones are Advantage, Frontline and K9 Advantix.  These particular products are to be applied topically.  One single application lasts for one full month.
Comfortis is a chewable, beef-flavored pill that gets rid of fleas and helps prevent flea infestations on canines for an entire month.

Flea shampoos are assisting getting rid of these bloodsuckers when you give your dog a bath. Flea dips uses a more powerful chemical which is poured over the dog to help keep fleas and ticks away in between baths.

How to safely remove ticks on your dog

How to remove ticks on your dog

Remove TicksA stroll in the forest is fantastic exercise for you as well as your dog. As soon as you return back home though, make sure to check your dog’s fur/skin for any ticks and in case you notice a brown, tiny, round “thing” – kind of a hard bump, that would unfortunately mean your dog has one attached to his/hers skin. Ticks feast up the blood of animals and humans. They grow to a number of times their initial size and you want to make sure to know how to safely get rid of these nasty critters. It’s crucial for the comfort of your dog and also to avoid possible diseases brought on by the tick, such as Lyme disease which is typically caused by the deer tick.

You’ll find numerous misconceptions precisely how to get rid of ticks from dogs and  humans for that matter. The most typical are utilizing something to aggravate the tick, such as burning it with a cigarette, or using alcohol. That stuff won’t work and might actually be harmful to your dog.

To extract a tick requires a set of tweezers. Pet shops sell especially designed removal tools but regular tweezers will do the job. The purpose is to manage to get a good grip around the tick’s head, you definitely do not want to crush the body.

Grab the head and withdraw the tick very carefully. Be steady and don’t twist or jerk. You might want to have another person helping, who can keep your dog relaxed and still throughout this process.

For an extreme infestation of a number of ticks as well as any future elimination of ticks, it’s highly suggested by vets to use preventative tick treatments on your dog, such as Frontline Plus etc. This will destroy ticks that are presently attached and also stop new ticks from attaching. Despite using Frontline Plus, even though a tick is dead it could possibly still be attached and will have to to be removed with the previously mentioned method.

As soon as the tick has been removed, put it in rubbing alcohol, since this will kill it right away. The tick won’t die by just flushing it down the toilet and it’s essential to discard of a tick so it won’t survive. You can use hydrocortisone spray on the spot for the discomfort. The spot might take some time to recover.

Routinely, you should entirely check your dog for ticks. Whenever you have discovered one, it’s very likely there are more to be found. You definitely don’t want to take the risk of missing any.

Flea Treatment for Dogs

Flea Treatment for Dogs

Fleas are possibly one of the most irritating issues for every dog owner – and it is definitely not difficult to see precisely why that is, especially taking in to consideration how hard it may be to try to get rid of these nasty critters when you aren’t adequately well prepared.

There are rather varied and abundant products available for purchase for the purpose of flea treatment for dogs, such as shampoos, powders etc., however you need to know if your dog has any kind of allergies to specific ingredients prior to purchasing flea items. It is usually a very good idea to chat with your vet regarding this, since he/she is able to let you know if there is anything specifically inappropriate for your particular doggie, and he can also let you know exactly what is the best way to deal with a prospective flea invasion. Some of the most popular products are Advantage Flea, Frontline Plus, Comfortis, K9 Advantix, Capstar etc.

The best way to prevent fleas from getting established to begin with is prevention. This takes some know-how, yet it is definitely not brain surgery. Most importantly, you need to make sure you keep your dog as clean as you possibly can – make sure to give him showers or baths from when he’s a puppy to “teach him” good hygiene. It might be a bit challenging to get your canine friend to take pleasure in consistent baths, but eventually he’ll throw in the towel and start getting accustomed to them – you just need to be relentless and not give up!

Deal with your house in the process, since it isn’t uncommon your home could be the main source of the problem. In the event that there are parts of your home you have not washed or cleaned lately, it might be a very good idea to inspect the whole place and do a extensive cleaning. Obviously this is crucial as well when it’s only you living by yourself, but whenever you have a dog it becomes critical. There are actually several products for this purpose as well, you can treat your home with sprays and powders every once in a while, and this can help prevent the progress of fleas in both your home and on your dog.




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The advantages of Frontline Plus, Capstar and Advantage Flea

Advantage Flea, Frontline Plus, and Capstar are three of the best well known anti flea products that are available in the market today. They are an all around product in terms of flea control and anti flea arsenals. They are well known in their fields because of the popularity and their productivity of their products.

The advantages of using products such as Advantage Flea, Frontline Plus, and Capstar

All these products can help you with your flea problem and thus keeping your family from these common household parasites.
Certain experiments and researches have proven that a single female flea is capable of inducing a trillion or more offspring in her one life cycle. They can produce such number in one life cycle that will take for approximately a year or more. Advantage Flea treatment is typically works by preventing the female adult ticks to lay eggs and it shortens flea life. The profound ingredient of advantage flea certainly kills fleas upon contact in just about 15 – 20 minutes. His will physically break the chain that holds the flea’s life cycle in a short span of time. The ingredients for these products are designed to work in wet or hot conditions to eradicate flea infestations. The topical solutions for this product will prevent fleas from harassing your pet’s skin for approximately 3 – 5 minutes. In a span of less than 12 hours, flea eggs and the flea itself will be wiped out for about 98 percent to 100 percent. The flea treatment will also be able to eradicate the remaining 2 percent of the flea population who is expanding to re infest in about 1 – 2 hours after application. Advantage Flea will be able to protect your pet for approximately a month.

Frontline Plus in one of the best recommendation in flea treatment for dogs, these products also be able to help your dog to be free from flea and ticks in a span of time. Dog owners would like their pet dogs to be clean and healthy. They will use this tick control products to take proper care for their dogs, and perhaps the best dog care you can give is to have flea control product that can also be a preventive measure against any dog related disease.

Capstar will undoubtedly be the flea control product that is known to both feline and canine lovers. Capstar is also capable of erasing serious and severe flea infestation that can sometimes lead into veterinary situations. As a dog or cat owner, you should be literate enough to know basics about your dog or cat’s health. You should be educated in these aspects so that you will be able to know the proper flea control product or other eligible pet medications. Capstar is a product that is efficient and consistent in terms of flea medication. Capstar is also flexible because they can be used in puppies and kittens and does not impose any harmful effect. Capstar tablet kills fleas and thus preventing any further flea damage that will be a serious risk in any of the pet’s health. The thing to know about Capstar is it is custom made to kill adult fleas and not the larvae or eggs. Don’t expect that it will eradicate the entire population because only adult fleas that can lay eggs are the one that can be affected by the flea control product Capstar tablets.

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Guarding your family pet against fleas is an essential aspect in trying to keep your dog healthy and content.  Fleas are the most typical external parasite found on pets. They not only make your dog or cat feel miserable, but they additionally may carry various other disorders.  Furthermore, if you don’t deal with fleas right away, only  a couple of fleas on your dog can rapidly result in a full blown infestation throughout your entire home.

Getting rid of fleas on your pet is a breeze with Capstar since Capstar offers rapid flea relief for your pet.  Believe it or not, it actually starts to work within just 30 minutes to wipe out adult fleas. You’ll virtually see fleas falling off your pet.

Capstar is a pill taken by mouth and it provides super fast flea relief. One sole dose of Capstar should get rid of the fleas completely. In the event that your pet get reinfested, it’s perfectly risk-free  to give an additional dose as much as once/day.

Some major advantages:

It is Clean
Since Capstar is an administered orally, there’s absolutely no smell or unplesant treatment that you have to apply on to your dog. In addition, tablets offer protection which cannot rub or wash off.

It is Safe
Capstar is perfectly safe for cats and dogs, 4 weeks and older, with a weight of 2 lbs. or more, and for pregnant or nursing pets as well. It is safe to give a dose of Capstar once per day.

It is Effective
Capstar begins functioning within 30 minutes

How To Prevent Fleas & Ticks In Dogs

Parasites may bring about severe illnesses, which can possibly be fatal to small or weak dogs. That’s the reason why you must undertake an efficient flea and tick control for your dog. This isn’t that hard and won’t take much of your time, not to mention your endeavors will definitely be worthwhile.

For a powerful flea and tick control, you must use the correct sort of flea/tick treatment to treat your dog with. You’ll find insecticides that are able to get rid of both fleas and ticks. For example, the on-spot treatments, which have an effect on the of the parasites nerve receptors, start to work rapidly. This enables them to avoid flea and tick bites very effectively. In the event that you would like a total protection for your canine, you ought to think about using a treatment which is able to kill flea eggs/larvae as well as reject/kill ticks.

The spot-on treatments need to be applied monthly.  In case you live in an area with warmer climate, it’s very important that you keep applying the treatments throughout the year, whereas if you live in a place with colder climate parts of the year, you might get away with treating your dog only 6-8 months out of the year.

Treating your dog with preventative products is crucial, but you also need to make sure the surroundings are safe. It’s best to not let your pup play in very tall grassy outdoor areas, since these areas usually attract both fleas and ticks. Parks a lot of times get treated for fleas and ticks, so it’s usually not a problem to walk your dog around the park.

It’s definitely a wise decision to steer clear of plentiful vegetation in your back yard. You also need to keep your home very clean. This is needed for a successful flea and tick prevention for dogs (and for people as well). Be sure to thoroughly clean your carpet and rugs with potent detergents as well as regular vacuuming and last but not least, make sure to wash your pets bedding often.

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Frontline Plus



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Frontline Plus for Dogs

Your dog is just like a loved one regardless of whether you got him when he was a puppy or adult. A dog owner’s wish is for their dog to be happy and healthy, but there are some bugs, such as fleas and ticks that could make them feel awful. In the event that your canine is struggling with fleas and ticks, it is possible that you’ve tried numerous items to try and eliminate these nasty critters, only to find out they did not work.

Well, good news! One product that is sure to work is Frontline Plus for Dogs. Frontline Plus is a non prescription control treatment, which not only wipes out the ticks and fleas that are currently “residing” on your dog, it additionally gets rid of the eggs.

Frontline Plus kills each and every flea within 12 hours and every tick within 48 hours of application. Every application offers 1 month of protection and is great for dogs that love the water, since it’s waterproof. Frontline Plus is among the most well-known brands presently on the market due to how rapid and extensively it gets rid of these bugs.

You should store the item in a cool and dry location, however not in a refrigerator. The product must be administered in between the dogs shoulder blades to prevent your pet from licking it off.

Dog owners ought to be conscious of the fact that Frontline Plus may trigger some short-term skin irritation. In the event that the irritation continues for an extended period of time, please contact your dogs vet for advice.

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Advantage Flea Control

Advantage Flea for canines is a topical remedy against fleas that can be applied on dogs and puppies over the age of 7 weeks. The impact of one single application will last for an entire month, with 98-100% of the fleas being wiped out in the initial 12 hours.  Advantage proceeds to delivery results for the following 4 weeks to make certain all fleas are destroyed, including eggs and larvae. The only thing you need to remember is that Advantage Flea for dogs won’t eliminate ticks and you should use a supplementary treatment in case you’re having issues with ticks.

So how exactly does Advantage Flea work? Well, for starters it’s a water resistant topical treatment, which means it gives results for a period of 4 weeks, regardless of whether your dog has been given a bath or been swimming in a pool/ocean etc.  It’s very simple to apply.  Just make sure to follow the directions on the package. The tubes are pre-measured based on your dog’s body weight, so you don’t have to calculate how much to apply.

The active ingredients of Advantage works by paralyzing and killing existing fleas and by preventing flea eggs from hatching. This reduces the flea’s life cycle and helps prevent any future larvae infestations.

Advantage comes in packages that are particular to the size of the dog, such as extra large, large,  medium and small dogs. Don’t forget to check the precise weight of your dog prior to purchasing the flea medication.

Advantage Flea for dogs shouldn’t be applied on to puppies younger than 7 weeks. If you have an older,  pregnant or a dog with health issues in any way, please make sure to talk to your veterinarian. You should not mix Advantage with other insecticides. Take care while applying the treatment and avoid getting any of the liquid on your skin.

Even though Advantage Flea hasn’t revealed to have any side effects for you dog, it could in some rare cases lead to skin irritation. In the event that the irritation continues for a couple of days or appears to worsen, visit your vet right away.

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K9 Advantix for Dogs

K9 Advantix is a once a month prevention for canines (over 7 weeks of age) which provides extensive protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and lice. K9 Advantix is one of the brands that are commonly recommended by vets simply because this product repels and gets rid of fleas in all life stages, as well as ticks. K9 Advantix eliminates almost 100% of fleas within just 12 hrs and continues preventing infestations for one entire month.


So exactly what are the benefits of K9 Advantix?

•           K9 Advantix prevents and kills fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes

•           It eliminates almost 100% of adult fleas within 12 hrs

•           K9 Advantix ends the  flea life cycle by preventing flea eggs from growing into adult fleas

•           K9 Advantix provide 1 entire month of protection against ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and flies

•           It’s waterproof and continues working even though your dog gets wet